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A fanfiction rec community for underappreciated fanfiction

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Community description:A fanfiction rec community for underappreciated fanfiction

Welcome to [community profile] underheard! This is a rec community for underappreciated fanfiction.

We define "underappreciated" proportional to the fandom. Our rule for this is that:
• All fics recced are not in the top 2% (of pages) of fanfiction on AO3 for a fandom as sorted by kudos, at the moment of being recced.
• Fics of any authors recced do not have any fics in the top 1% (of pages) of fanfiction on AO3 for a fandom as sorted by kudos, at the moment of being recced.
• There is a hard bar, though, of all fics in this community to have less than 1000 kudos, and to be at least one-month old (in terms of initial posting date), at the moment of being recced.
• We are open to reccing one large ship in a large fandom, fics posted on different platforms, and smaller fandoms. The latter two may have different or adjusted proportions that we are happy to discuss.

Feel free to follow us on twitter.

Your mods are [personal profile] reccer & [personal profile] darkages. Please PM either of us if you have any questions or would like to affiliate.

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