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darkages: (hands)
[personal profile] darkages
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Title: Without fear, without metaphor
Pairing/Character Focus: Yuuri Katsuki/Viktor Nikiforov
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] reginar
What makes this a gem: One of the most interesting facets of Yuuri and Viktor's relationship is the cultural and language barrier, yet there are so few fics that explore it. This is my favourite of the lot. Although a work in progress, what's been posted thus far is both tender and full of tension, an expert exploration of what words mean in this relationship. The writing is lush and accompanied each chapter by art, which ranges from beautiful digital paintings to humourous photomanips. This is a highly literate work which tackles themes of miscommunication in a mature and engaging manner, and worth the time and attention of a good, close read.
germankitty: unknown  (PR spandex)
[personal profile] germankitty
Fandom: Power Rangers (MMPR 1993 - Zeo 1996)
Title: A Co-ed Naked Jungle Adventure
Pairing/Character Focus: Kimberly Hart/Tommy Oliver (primary), Adam Park/Kat Hillard (secondary), others (f/f, m/f)
Author: Cheryl Roberts (short bio on Fanfiction.net)
Summary: Stranded in an otherdimensional jungle, naked and powerless, the Rangers, along with Billy and Kimberly, must prove their worth to reclaim the Zeo Crystal.

What makes this a gem: Cheryl was one of the BNFs in the original Power Rangers fandom, and her stories give you everything: action, character development, great writing, and lots of romance. And, as in this story, lots of HAWT sex. She was one of the first writers I discovered, and "Co-ed" was the first adult Rangers story I've ever read -- so yes, you could say it's special to me. :-) Cheryl also was extremely kind and encouraging and ultimately responsible that I started writing Rangerfic myself.

The plot is exactly as given in the summary -- the Zeo team (Tommy, Kat, Rocky, Adam and Tanya), along with ex-Rangers Billy and Kimberly (who is also Tommy's ex-girlfriend), get stuck on a strange planet, in a jungle, completely naked. They need to pass through this jungle, relying only on their wits, in order to reach the Zeo Crystal -- key to their powers, and their only way back home. It's not just a matter of survival, though; the teens must also face their inner demons in order to sort out their lives. Lots of sex ensues, along with exciting action and some wonderful character development. :-) It's a true fandom classic!

(Note:The setting owes more to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie from 1995 than the TV series which followed the year after; it might help to watch it first if you haven't already. :P)
ideare: (Default)
[personal profile] ideare

Fandom: generation kill
Title: for a moment there i thought we were in trouble
Pairing/Character Focus: brad colbert/ray person
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] indigostohelit
What makes this a gem:

But all the papers from here to New York can damn well take notice: Ray was born when the thunder was raging and crashin', came out of his mama with the Devil at his heels, and took off running straight to Texas buck naked and covered in blood. (Well, says Brad, that may've been the first time he found himself in that situation, but it sure as hell weren't the last.)
Or: "Gentlemen, from now on we're going to have to earn our stories."

for a moment there i thought we were in trouble is a western au, which sees brad and ray joining up to form a legendary team, feared and revered across the states.

[archiveofourown.org profile] indigostohelit has both brad's and ray's voices done pat; even with their speech-patterns altered to fit the setting, it is still obvious to spot the distinctive style of the two men.

the use of repetition is extremely effective in this; it fits well with the imagery of the whole story being recounted as a tale.

arysthaeniru: (ready to fight)
[personal profile] arysthaeniru
Fandom: BTS (Bangtan Boys)
Title: monachopsis
Pairing: Kim Seokjin | Jin/Min Yoongi | Suga
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] noctemlux
What Makes This A Gem: This fic is such a deep delve into Seokjin's pysche and a really cool re-imagining of what could have been, had Seokjin accepted to go into SM. The members' reactions are touching and heartfelt and Seokjin's own sense of something not quite being right is just so well crafted! Definitely worth a read if you like both BTS and EXO.
pleasantboat: (Default)
[personal profile] pleasantboat
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Headway
Pairing/Character Focus: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Seefin
What makes this a gem: This fic is... something. It's from Ron's point of view and how he sees Harry and Draco's developing relationship. I don't know how else to describe it other than having a quiet sadness - it's not angst completely, but Ron, Hermione and Harry had a more than friends relationship, and it has now... ended for lack of a better term, and it's Ron describing having to let Harry go is heart-wrenching in it's own way. This fic does have its funny moments, and the way the author writes all of their interactions make them see natural and organic - they could be your friends which you see down the pub every other week. I love this fic, and I would love for you to read this and also love this fic!
meretricula: (Default)
[personal profile] meretricula
Fandom: Georgette Heyer (Friday's Child)
Title: Fated, or, Two Weddings and a House Warming
Pairing/Character Focus: Anthony "Sherry" Sheringham/Hero Wantage, Gil Ringwood/Ferdy Fakenham
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Temaris
What makes this a gem: If you read Friday's Child and thought, wow, it's so progressive of Heyer to have these two layabout aristocratic boyfriends who are friends with our dumb as rocks heterosexual protagonists but I wish we got more scenes of them just hanging around the house being boyfriends, this is the fic for you! It's absolutely spot-on in tone and gives a lovely glimpse into the lives of Ferdy and Gil when they're not with Hero and Sherry. Plus, the sweetest HEA for our two deserving swains!
darkages: (Default)
[personal profile] darkages
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Title: my better self
Pairing/Character Focus: Yuuri Katsuki-centric
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] spookyfoot
What makes this a gem: It's so rare to find genfic in this fandom, and this fic stands out to me as a personal favourite. It focuses on Yuuri's relationship with three women in his life: Minako, Mari, and Mila, in three chronological and intertwined vignettes, an artful example of a short story. The writing is really wonderful and subtly different in each vignette, bringing out different aspects of the three relationships. And it's an excellent character study of Yuuri too. His growth and all the facets of his personality take centre stage, but we're never made to feel like the women are just tools for his character development, as is sadly the case in a lot of (fannish or otherwise) media. Here, everyone is given their own rich lives, and more minor characters come to the fore. In every possible way, I think this fic is just fantastic.
reccer: excited candy is excited (Default)
[personal profile] reccer
this is a late entry, sorry!

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Hold the Phone
Pairing/Character Focus: Albus Severus Potter/Scorpius Malfoy
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] nursedarry
What makes this a gem: So much about this fic is clever and hilarious; I think it's a testament to the reader that we ("Muggles") know how phones work, and seeing Albus and Scorpius communicate to each other on such a non-magical device that we're so familiar with makes this hijinks-worthy. Not to mention all the bleeding UST that comes with each of their messages! It's also one of the rare AS/S fics that doesn't address Draco and Harry's previous rival/nemesis relationship in school, and just lets their sons - these boys, be boys.
germankitty: (MMPR helmets)
[personal profile] germankitty
Fandom: Power Rangers (MMPR to Zeo, 1993-96)
Title: Earthsiege by Rain Fletcher (alternative link to fic, without illustrations)
Pairing/Character Focus: Billy Cranston (called "Mitchell" in that story; the canon last name was unknown at the time of writing)/Katherine Hillard (background Kimberly Hart/Tommy Oliver, others)
Author: Rain Fletcher (also on LJ as [profile] rainfletcher, but the account has been inactive since 2014)
What makes this a gem: "Earthsiege", written in 1998 or thereabouts, is widely considered one of THE classic stories in the fandom, created in the wake of general outrage when Billy got kicked off of the Ranger team with the introduction of the Zeo crystals and relegated to a supporting role -- quite literally. It's a great character study, dealing mainly with his frustration of not being able to fight the good fight anymore.

It's also a crossover with Voltron, more specifically the 3rd series, LionForce.

King Mondo's Machine Empire has joined forces with Voltron's archenemy, the witch Haggar, and is attacking Earth more ferociously than ever -- and it's bad news for the Rangers. With one Ranger as well as Zordon and Alpha temporarily out of commission, it is up to Billy to run things from the Command Center. Then a gigantic blue fighting machine crashes near their base -- one of Voltron's Lions. Billy manages to repair the Blue Lion and with her help goes off-planet to retrieve the rest of Voltron's parts.

With the Zeo team on the brink of physical and mental collapse, he decides to call back all the former Rangers -- Jason, Trini, Zack and Aisha -- to take over Earth's defenses until the threat is finally eliminated.

There are lots of space battles in this fic; all the lovely character developments are nicely offset with how a group of teenagers steps up to the plate and literally saves the planet, albeit with help from alien mecha. It's rather obvious in this fic that both "Voltron" and "Power Rangers" were created as entertaining vehicles to sell interconnective toys, but it's also the connective factor which makes this crossover work. There's some humor, some romance (Billy and Kat, the beginning of which is told in the prequel, "Snowbound" (same link as above on the Wayback Machine, and just click the "Home" button at the second and scroll down to the author's name) as well as a rather realistic depiction of how a protracted fight against alien forces might actually go down.

Every character gets their moment to shine, but for once it's not the obvious heros who stand in the spotlight. If you like Power Rangers for the fights and action coupled with character focus and good writing, "Earthsiege" is the fic for you -- and I think it's easy to see why it's become a classic. It's also a nice touch that the author has made the effort to include pictures from both shows (not at Paladar's, 2nd link); you may have to refresh the page at the Wayback Machine if you get broken links at first). :-)
knightspur: (Default)
[personal profile] knightspur
Fandom: Seventeen
Title: over and over again
Pairing/Character Focus: Kwon Soonyoung | Hoshi/Lee Seokmin | DK
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] butter
What makes this a gem: This is a great slow burn that manages to keep tension through the whole fic and takes an interesting twist on a soulmate au. I'm a sucker for childhood friends, and this fic manages to chart a whole lot of time in their relationship (11 years!!) without feeling like it's dragging on unnecessarily.
ideare: (Default)
[personal profile] ideare

Fandom: generation kill
Title: come morning light
Pairing/Character Focus: walt hasser/ray person; walt hasser
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] sephirothflame
What makes this a gem:

Ray is chosen as the Tribute from District 11. He's not the only one going through Hell.

come morning light is a hunger games au that looks at the arena games from the point of view of someone who doesn’t get chosen at the reaping. we get to see the reality of those left behind — their guilt, their attempts at carrying on as if everything is normal, their anger at how such brutality has become normalized, and their frustration at being used for entertainment by the elite.

i love walt and ray’s relationship in this; even in what little we hear from ray, there’s obviously a strong bond between the two.

[archiveofourown.org profile] sephirothflame really captures walt’s fear and worry as he waits for ray to return home. so much so, that the reader is pulled along on an emotional ride: stressing out with walt, crying with walt, and trying not to be too hopeful as we all watch the games unfold from a distance.

arysthaeniru: (Default)
[personal profile] arysthaeniru
Fandom: BTS (Bangtan Boys)
Title: you make my heart beat (faster)
Pairing: Kim Seokjin | Jin/Min Yoongi | Suga
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] onyu
What Makes This A Gem: This is such a ride. onyu's writing is always a rollercoaster of emotions, flashbacks and intense moments of reality and self-doubt kicking her character's asses. Her characters are so complex and nuanced too, and it's a genuine pleasure to watch Yoongi and Seokjin stumble through love and the ad deal of their lives, and watch Seokjin figure out that what he wants is to be Creative, as well as be an advertisement salesman.
pleasantboat: (Default)
[personal profile] pleasantboat
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Picture Perfect
Pairing/Character Focus: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Author:  [archiveofourown.org profile] Selden
What makes this a gem: I have to say, I absolutely love the magic in this fic - it feels refreshing and new and wonderful, and I love their take on it. I mean, it feels like I can see Draco's apartment and the desperation that he must have felt, making it the way it is. I also love the depth the author gives Draco, and how the way he's struggling with things - his feelings about his past, his feelings towards Harry - comes across as genuine but also not deriving from his character by completely disregarding all the terrible decisions he made. Read this fic also for the great writing! I love the way it's written, and the humour is spot on.
meretricula: (Default)
[personal profile] meretricula
Fandom: Georgette Heyer (The Talisman Ring)
Title: The Marriage Masquerade
Pairing/Character Focus: Sir Tristram Shield/Miss Sarah Thane, Ludovic Lavenham/Eustacie de Vauban
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] Ione
What makes this a gem: Okay, if you've read The Talisman Ring, obviously you're down for the most ludicrous shenanigans ever from Ludovic and Eustacie, interspersed with Sarah and Sir Tristram being the voice of reason while desperately trying not to catch each other's eye because they'll laugh. Enjoy this delightful follow-up to the novel with EVEN MORE ludicrous shenanigans and patient voices of reason, with bonus married sex!
sanji: (cake island)
[personal profile] sanji
Fandom: One Piece
Title: tricks out of our sleeves
Pairing/Character Focus: slight Roronoa Zoro/Vinsmoke Sanji
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] bluewalk 
What makes this a gem: This was such a great read! It was so well written, and really captured the depth and essence of Zoro and Sanji's relationship, be that platonic or romantic. The descriptive language really blew me away as well as the insight into both characters. A good read whether you like ZoSan or not!
darkages: (hands)
[personal profile] darkages
Fandom: Yuri!!! On Ice
Title: Audacity Is Its Own Reward
Pairing/Character Focus: Mila Babicheva/Sara Crispino
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] ineptshieldmaid
What makes this a gem: Perhaps I am biased, as this fic was a gift for me in the recent Rare Ships!!! On Ice exchange, and as such was quite literally tailored to my preferences, but I'm absolutely enamoured with everything about this, from the tone to the romance to the excellent cast of characters. The setting is Sydney, 1965, and great care has been taken with every historical detail, as well as the inclusion of several actual events at the time. This is also a different sport AU, and I'm sure you'll agree that the mental image of Mila and Sara in 60s-style tennis outfits is a pretty fantastic one. The story pays great attention to both of their cultural backgrounds and follows a sweet, developing romance with a lovely balance of funny and tender moments. I've picked up on a new detail each time I've read this fic, and to me, that's the mark of a real gem.
germankitty: 5 Rangers morphed, stance (MMPR original team)
[personal profile] germankitty
Fandom: Power Rangers (original TV series, 1993 - 1996)

Title: Forged in Flames (on Fanfiction.net)

Alternate links to fic: at Paladar's World of Fanfic or at Jenga's Library (THE fandom archive to post at back in the day)

Pairing/Character Focus: no pairings, focusses on the first team: Jason Scott, Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan, Zack Taylor and Billy Cranston

Author: Mele (Ffnet profile)

What makes this a gem: I suppose every fandom with a team of central characters has an "alternate beginning" trope; it wasn't different for the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers and this is one of the earliest three. The show gave us a motley crew of five teenagers who ostensibly had very little in common, yet seemed to be close friends when they were made Rangers. "Forged in Flames" is an attempt to explain how this friendship might have come to be.

The main plot -- a group of children up in the mountains on a fun outing -- takes place over just a day, and while all the choreographed fighting the show was (in)famous for is missing, there's plenty of suspense regardless when the kids get caught in a forest fire. What's best, IMO, is that in this fic ten-year-olds truly act as children; the tone is just right. The scenario is plausible as the setting for the original series was somewhere in contemporary California, and the characterization, even though it draws a lot on events in later episodes, is spot-on. The parents in this fic are all OCs; we were only given one brief glimpse of them, but they still seem consistent with what we've seen of the future Power Rangers when they were a few years older. In any case, all characters appear human and real, no matter whether they were canonical or not. If you're looking for warm, true-sounding stories with a lot of heart throughout, you're in good hands here.

IIRC, this was one of Mele's earliest fics, if not the very first, originally written about twenty years ago, in 1996/7. At that time, she had no Beta, but there are few gaffes and her style stayed plain and direct, making her a BNF during MMPR's heyday. It's also the first instalment of what would become the "Before and After" series; please be sure to check out the other two, "That Which Doesn't Kill You" and "Elemental Bonds" on the respective websites.

Final Note: Sadly, Mele lost her battle with cancer in October 2016. Even though she had branched out into other fandoms in later years, she still cared enough to post ALL of her completed work to Fanfiction.net. Fandom not only lost a good writer and great person with a wicked sense of humor, I also lost a close personal friend. Rest in peace, L'il Lady!
knightspur: (Default)
[personal profile] knightspur
Fandom: Seventeen (Also NCT)
Title: sha sha sha
Pairing/Character Focus: Jung Yoonoh | Jaehyun/Lee Seokmin | DK
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] iverins
What makes this a gem: Seokhyun (or whatever you'd like to call it) is one of those rarepairs I contantly hunger for content for. This is by far the best fic I could have imagined for this tiny little crossover ship. The focus definitely stays on Seventeen, especially Seokmin's relationship with his friends as he struggles to come to terms with his years-long not so secret crush on Jaehyun. The story is funny, and nicely paced, and watching the two of them get to know each other better is wonderful. I'm not usually one for fluffy/funny fics, but this is a personal favorite of mine in that category.
ideare: (Default)
[personal profile] ideare

Fandom: generation kill
Title: like the past never happened
Pairing/Character Focus: timothy bryan; timothy bryan/ray person
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] stolemyslumber
What makes this a gem:

Everything ends. They keep going.

like the past never happened focuses on the seeming quietness of the world that is portrayed in the majority of apocalypse media, and how the bonds built in bravo team during oif lasts even after the world has ended.

this fic had me tense from beginning to end, never quite sure where it would go, and expecting something supernatural at every turn.

there are scenes which are stark reminders that these aren't just ordinary people dealing with an apocalypse — these are trained recon marines and they already have experience with things and people trying to kill them; they won't go down easily.

sistermine’s comment is spot on: [archiveofourown.org profile] stolemyslumber has “a knack for a sort of melancholy hopefulness.”1

reccer: excited candy is excited (Default)
[personal profile] reccer
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Appreciation
Pairing/Character Focus: Albus Severus Potter/Scorpius Malfoy
Author: [archiveofourown.org profile] perculious
What makes this a gem: An oldie but a goodie like all of my AS/S recs will be, sorry. This is a kissing practice/lessons fic that's so delightfully written and has charm in every word! It's pining done right and also absolutely hilarious and I've loved this fic since 2011 and still do.
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